Ricky Dunkailo

First Ace - Hole 9 @ Waverly

Disc Golf!

I was first introduced to disc golf around 2010. My first time out, I threw one in from about 80 feet, and fell in love with the sport. Up until about 2013, it was just a fun casual thing to do. But, around that time, I got a new job and found a pitch and putt course within 15 minutes of the job & was able to play a solo round on lunch nearly every day.

In 2015, I joined the PDGA, and have been working on getting better each year. I currently play at the Mens Advanced (MA1) level in tournament play, but in due time, I will move up to Open(MPO). Still gotta work out some kinks :-) I'm almost good :/

Anyway, you got to this page because you wanted to know something disc golf related, or you were wondering WTF that weird icon was on the home page, and were curious to find out. If so, here are some great places to get you started.

Some cool things I have accomplished so far with Disc Golf:

1st Place @ ABC Doubles Tournament (Ams) @ Villas Crossing with Conscious Pilot [2015]
1st Place @ Waverly Turkey Open [2015]
Founded Waverly Tags League [2015]
1st Place in Open @ Waverly Tags Kickoff Tournament [2016]
1st Place in MA1 Doubles @ Somo (Winter Dubs) with Kevin [2016]
1st Place in MA1 @ Throw for the Lake 2 @ Sweet Arrow Lake [2017]
Qualified for Regionals in The Latitude 64 Next Generation Tour [2017]
1st Place @ Dynamic Disc 2 Disc Challenge (Doubles) with Dustin [2017]

In The Bag:

  • Innova Star Destroyer
  • Innova Champion Thunderbird
  • Innova Sexton Glow Firebird
  • Innova Champion & Star Shryke
  • Innova Champion & Star Sidewinder
  • Latitude 64 Opto Compass
  • Dynamic Discs Suspect
  • Innova R-Pro Pig
  • Gateway Super Soft Eraser Wizard

Disc Golf Merch For Sale

I play in a decent amount of tournaments, and have little to no use for some of the items that I have aquired over the years. If you are interested in picking up some DG merch, check out my store!
If you have some stuff you are trying to get rid of, hit me up, and maybe we can work something out.

Looking to play a round / surrender a tag?

Hit me up!