I am Kai-Lo

Ricky Dunkailo

I am a professional full stack developer specializing in Microsoft Technologies.
At times a DJ, Event Organizer/Promoter, Disc Golfer and Beer Enthusiast
Most Importantly ... a dedicated and loving father and husband.
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Hey You!

Glad you found my website! If you're looking to hire me, click here to get to the good stuff. Otherwise, the icons above should give you a good idea of getting to the part of the site that is of interest to you. For many of you who know me, I don't really have an online presence (and plan on keeping it that way) BUT, I figured I would provide a way for those interested in what I am doing, or have done, a way to view it in one place. This site will constantly be evolving, and constructive criticism is always welcome. Definitely reach out if any links are broken, or you just can't get to the information you were looking for.

So...... why did this take so long? I mean, it's not like I create and maintain websites for a living. Ha, whatever, it's here now, and it is going to continue to get better. Just wanted to let the world that I have done a lot of cool things, and here is the proof. Everyone has a story . . . and this is mine.

I'm a nerd/geek/[insert awesome thing to be classified as]. I'm clever, quick witted, and smarter than the average bear. I have an odd sense of humor, and hopefully you are smart enough to get it throughout the site. If not, you will probably just think I am weird, and I'm OK with that!

Everything on this site was created in some way, shape or form, by me. Logos, Websites, Mixes, Business Cards, Wedding Invitations, and even the Icons. The site itself, not so much. I found this template, and ran with it. I am by no means a UX/UI guy, but I can take a template or idea and make magic happen. Build vs. Buy - My time was worth more than the template cost :-p I still have some work to do as far as mobile goes, but you should be able to get to what you need regardless.

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About Me

Ricky Dunkailo
  • Name: Ricky Dunkailo
  • Phone: 00110101 00110111 00110000 00111000 00110111 00111000 00110011 00110111 00111001 00110010
  • Email: ricky@iamkailo.com


To work for a company that respects and embraces my vision and direction on projects, as well as celebrates and compensates my team for the perpetual execution of these projects.

What Do I Do?

Take peoples nightmare projects/issues, create/implement a solution, and turn it into a dream come true.
Give people what they need, and help them understand it is different than what they "want".
Support, maintain and improve legacy software.
Stand on the front line in battle until we conquer the issue at hand.
Share knowledge, and embrace those who do as well.

  • Application Arcitecture
  • Customer/Client Relations
  • System Administration
  • Proven Track Record
  • Database Administration
  • Passion



  • 2002-2003

    Bachelor of Science Degree: Computer Information Systems

    Wilkes University (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
  • 2001-2002
    Penn State University (Scranton, PA)
  • 1991-2001
    Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)
  • 1995-1999

    High School Diploma

    Riverside High School (Taylor, PA)


  • 2013-Present
    Penn Foster

    Penn Foster - Scranton, PA

    Manager of Application Development

    • Recruited and built a solid team of developers.
    • Started "Cross Train Thursdays" to share knowledge across areas.
    • Support 75% of business critical software.
    • Active Member of Company Culture Board, as well as and advocate for the culture.

    Marketing Systems Architect

    • Revamped enrollment online process to use modern technologies.
    • Refactored enrollment online process to be scalable.
    • Created and maintained back end administration portals

    Senior Lead Software Developer

    • Launched Sitecore CMS for main marketing website.
    • Reduced manual processes of marketing department.
    • SSO integration for community and student portal

    Technologies Utilized:
    C#, VB.Net, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sitecore CMS, MVC, DocStar, IBM ISeries, Ucommerce, Adobe Ilustrator
  • 2014-2015
    Lotus Pug Yoga

    Co-Owner / Web Developer / Graphic Designer / DJ

    Lotus Pug Yoga Studios - Wilkes-Barre, PA

    Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Create and maintain website
    • Create all graphic design materials used for promotion
    • Handle bookings for live music classes
    • DJ at live music classes

    Article in Times Leader

    Technologies Utilized:
    Adobe Illustrator, Notepad++, Pioneer CDJ-800, Rane TTM-56

  • 2010-2013
    TMG Health

    Programmer / Analyst III

    TMG Health

    Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Develop and maintain desktop, batch and web applications using C# & MSSQL
    • Troubleshoot and correct production issues
    • Work with business to create requirements
    • Work with testing to validate code changes
    • Work with production control to deploy and troubleshoot production tickets /issues
    Major Accomplishments:
    • Migrated ten clients to legacy system
    • Developed In-House Print Shop, which saved company $250,000 in first nine months of use
    • Improved efficiency in several applications within legacy system
    • Migrated twelve clients from SQL 2005 legacy system to upgraded 2008 system
    • Helped write coding standards for organization

    Technologies Utilized:
    VB.Net, C#, Microsoft SQL, IIS, PHP, Apache

  • 2011-2013
    ATS Web Design Group

    Web/Database/System Administrator & Developer

    ATS Web Design Group - Dunmore, PA

    Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Develop and maintain websites for clients
    • Setup, configure and administrate application and database servers
    • Work with clients to establish requirements, and offer suggestions on process improvement
    Major Accomplishments:
    • Rewrote legacy system, which improved processing efficiency and eliminated a client’s branch office
    • Created updated online version of legacy system, which has resulted in a new business model for client

    Technologies Utilized:
    ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, IIS

  • 2008-Present
    CK Material Handling

    Web Developer / Graphic Designer / Material Handler

    CK Material Handling

    Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Pick things up and put them down (in the right place)
    • Secure things that move, and smash things that don't.
    • Do what the boss says so I don't get yelled at.
    Major Accomplishments:
    • Created branding for business, as well as all marketing materials.
    • Create and maintain website.
    • Handling 20 foot steel beams no longer scares me.
    • Helped to maintain sanity of the boss

    Technologies Utilized:
    Bare Hands, Hammer, Duct Tape, Adobe Illustrator

  • 2008-2009
    DAJ Strategic Solutions

    Web Developer

    DAJ Strategic Solutions - Scranton, PA

    Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Design and develop new web applications
    • Diagnose and resolve system/network/software problems for sister companies
    • Provide updates/modifications to existing clients’ websites
    • Create/maintain new clients’ websites
    • Increase traffic to clients’ websites using organic SEO techniques
    Major Accomplishments:
    • Developed eInventory.com
    • Helped build network/complete A/V system for new conference room
    • Increased clients’ web position ranking using various SEO tactics.
    • Built “Sales Program” for sister company’s sales force

    Technologies Utilized:
    ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, IIS

  • 2005-2008
    Diamond / Triumph Auto Glass

    Web Developer / Application Developer

    Diamond Triumph Auto Glass - Kingston, PA

    Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Design and develop new applications using ASP/ASP.NET and SQL/Access.
    • Debug and solve system problems in all departments
    • Develop and maintain web pages on corporate intranet and company website
    • Develop and maintain custom built payroll application
    • Develop and maintain custom built logon scripts for servers
    Major Accomplishments:
    • Migrated diamondtriumph.com from JSP’s to ASP.NET.
    • Developed Corporate Intranet using ASP.NET & SQL
    • Created “Instant Quote” feature on company website.
    • Developed middleware applications (VB6) to connect new POS system with current POS system.
    • Developed new company Time Card / Payroll application

    Technologies Utilized:
    Visual Basic 6, JD Edwards One World, ASP ASP.NET, GlasPac, Microsoft SQL, Access

  • 2004-Present
    Sector One Entertainment


    Sector One Entertainment - Wilkes-Barre, PA

    Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Ensuring that an event is well promoted, and runs smoothly.
    • Dropping fire beats to fill the dance floor.
    • Bring international talent to the NEPA region.
    • Keep everyone sane up to and including the days of each Mayday
    Major Accomplishments:
    • DJ Internationally (CA), as well as in several states (PA, NY, NJ, DE)
    • Founded the Mayday Music Festival in Wilkes-Barre, PA. (And ran it for 7 years)
    • Hosted several international DJs including: BunZer0(BE) (1st US Appearance!), Joe Nice(US), Chef (UK), Dylan(UK), Robyn Chaos(UK), DZ(CA), Whistla(UK),Mason(US), Dara(US), MRK-1(UK)
    • Played at the Theater of Living Arts (TLA) in Philadelphia


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